Great for the microwave

The consumers may not know it yet, but the professionals have their ideas clear: aluminium containers can be used in the microwave.

Confirmation comes from the Fraunhofer Institut, one of the most authoritative European research institutes, that has carried out a specific study for EAFA. The result is that the use of aluminium containers in the microwave in no way creates problems for the health of the consumer or to the good functioning of the oven, they also allow better cooking results, offering generalised heating and a tasty crust on top.

You only need follow some basic precautions: the foodstuff should be evenly distributed in the tray; the container should be filled two thirds and not have a lid on, and one should make sure that the container does not enter into contact with the inner walls of the oven; everything should be placed on the rotating plate (in glass or ceramics, not in metal) at the centre of the oven.

Once the food has been cooked and the tray taken out…. it is ready to eat. The complete study, carried out with over 200 tests on four types of ovens and different aluminium containers, can be downloaded from the site www.alufoil-cuisine.org.